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Workshops include:

• Living with Intention
• Accessing the Future Self for Growth and Change
• Shadowboxing: Reclaiming the Disowned Self
• Mindfulness Practices for Self-Care

Below you'll find listings of workshops I'll be doing here and there.  Most these days are for professionals, with the occasional workshop for the public.  If you find yourself at any of these offerings, please take a moment to introduce yourself!...Nancy

Workshops For the Public:

Setting an intention is like aligning a rudder: once it’s in place you can let it do its job of orienting you to the actions and choices that will help you arrive at the outcome you want. Learning to live with intention doesn’t mean attempting to control every aspect of life; it’s a way to join with your deepest potential to collaborate ever more dynamically with the unfolding journey that is your life-path.

In this day, we’ll explore our relationship to intention, focusing especially on getting beyond the lack of clarity and the mixed feelings that too often prevent us from directing ourselves toward our goals, as well as on how to draw from all our skills and all the resources around us to bring our desires into being.

A ONE-DAY WORKSHOP Saturday, June 28, 10am–5:30pm 14SP80M
Members: $140 / Nonmembers: $150 Early Bird rate $130/$140 by June 15

Location New York Open Center




Workshops For Professionals:

Introduction to Somatic Experiencing:
The Integrative Approach to the Prevention and Resolution of Trauma

New York Open Center
New York City - June 29, 2013
contact www.opencenter.org for course information and registration.


For more information: please contact Nancy J. Napier by writing to her at Post Office Box 153, New York, NY 10024.

If you are interested in reading examples of Nancy Napier's meditations in her workshops go to the Meditations section of this website.






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