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Welcome to my web site

One of the gifts of having been a psychotherapist for the past 30+ years has been the opportunity to discover creative and useful ways to help people heal from past wounds and move into a sense of presence and empowerment.  It is my hope that your visit to my website will offer both inspiration and practical tools you can use in your journey of engaging the present with increased energy and well-being.
Over these years, my lifetime interest in spirituality and how it intersects with psychological health and resilience, as well as living everyday activities as spiritual practice, has offered me an opportunity to offer clients and workshop participants support for their own integration of psychology and spirituality.  One of the greatest gifts to me has been the gratitude I've heard expressed by people who find sanctuary in being able to engage fully in both the process of healing from past wounds and expansion into an increased sense of presence. 
On this site, you'll find written meditations you can download, audio meditations you can listen to each month, weekly experiments in conscious living - where I invite you to explore practices that bring you more fully into the present moment - and more.  Again, welcome.  I hope you enjoy what you discover here.

Nancy J. Napier


Professional Background

Nancy J. Napier is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in private practice in New York City.  She is author of Recreating Your Self: Increasing Self-Esteem Through Imaging and Self-Hypnosis; Getting Through the Day: Strategies for Adults Hurt as Children; Sacred Practices for Conscious Living,  and co-author of Meditations & Rituals for Conscious Living

She also has CDs of guided meditations on subjects including accessing your optimal future self, mindfulness, healing wounded child parts, and healing shame, to mention a few.  She also has training CDs for professionals. 

Nancy is a faculty member of the Somatic Experiencing Training Institute, teaching Somatic Experiencing(r), a trauma-resolution training.

Send Nancy an email.



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Home Page

    Note: Nothing on this site is intended to take the place of psychotherapy with a trained professional.

Copyright 2009 Nancy J. Napier, Post Office Box 153, New York, NY 10024
EMAIL info@nancyjnapier.com  •  PHONE (212) 877-2594  •  FAX (212) 585-3112
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