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The themes of personal responsibility and choice are central to my experience of day-to-day life and have become more important to me over the years I have practiced mindfulness meditation approaches.  Knowing that each moment offers a choice, I have created a practice for myself which centers on choosing how to respond to events and feelings.

As with all experiments, bring curiosity along as your companion, and allow it to expand your awareness of sources of support around you.


2013 Weekly Practices - "Embodying Love"

Nancy's Introduction to 2013 - This Year's Theme - "Embodying Love"

Audio January Guided Meditation
A Life of Giving
494 Making Choices
495 Honoring Other Species
496 Cultivating A Felt-Sense of "Rightness"
Audio February Guided Meditation
Radiating Love from Your Heart
497 Adapting to What Is
498 Our Indestructible Core
499 Empowering Ourselves from the Inside
Audio March Guided Meditation
Radiating Love for all Life
500 Encountering the Unexpected
501 Looking Back, Embracing Change
502 Supporting Change
Audio April Guided Meditation
Experiencing the Spirit of Love
503 Flowing with Transformation
504 Embracing A Meaningful Life
505 Earth Day
506 Practicing Compassion and Lovingkindness
Audio May Guided Meditation
Radiating the Presence of a Living Love
507 Enhancing Your Relationship with Intention

Trusting the Wisdom of Nature, the Wisdom of Healing

509 Nurturing Your Special Place
510 Shifting From Criticism to Compassion
Audio June Guided Meditation
Filling up with, Soaking In, and Radiating the Presence of Love in Nature.
511 “On-the-Go” Mindfulness Meditation
512 "One-Minute" Mindfulness Meditation
513 Engaging Curiousity
514 Not Adding Logs to the Fire
515 Generating Options
Audio July Guided Meditation
Resonating with Love Energy
516 Healing Options
517 Self-Talk As Self-Hypnosis
518 Finding Sources of Inspiration
519 Taking Meaning Lightly
Audio August Guided Meditation
Attuning to Love in Your Communities
520 Rituals That Nourish
521 Wholeness – Acknowledging Both Positive and Negative
522 Pain As A Teacher
523 The Power of Words
Audio September Guided Meditation
Dynamic Process of Holding Intention
524 Exploring Difference and Diversity
525 Conversations With Your Body

October Guided Meditation
Sending Love to the Causes You Care About

526 Grappling with Mixed Feelings

Compassion Revisited

528 The Gift (and Challenge) of Hindsight

November Guided Meditation
Attuning & Resonating with the Living Presence of Love

529 What Are Thoughts?
530 Assuming Life’s A Friend
531 Cultivating Stillness
532 Revisiting Living with Intention
Audio December Guided Meditation
Bringing Love into the Ecological Whole of our Experience
533 Gratitude for the Small Things
534 "I am..."
535 Collaboration and Cooperation



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