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The themes of personal responsibility and choice are central to my experience of day-to-day life and have become more important to me over the years I have practiced mindfulness meditation approaches.  Knowing that each moment offers a choice, I have created a practice for myself which centers on choosing how to respond to events and feelings.

As with all experiments, bring curiosity along as your companion, and allow it to expand your awareness of sources of support around you.

2012 Weekly Practices

Nancy's Introduction to 2012 - This Year's Theme - "Saying Yes"

Audio January Guided Meditation
..."Saying Yes to Our Optimal Potential "
A Life of Giving
453 Believing Our Fears
454 Nonviolent Language and Action
Audio February Guided Meditation
..."Saying Yes to Living with an Open Heart"
455 Supporting Nonviolent Ways of Being
456 The Power of Intention Revisited
457 Relaxing Into Change
Audio March Guided Meditation
..."Saying Yes to Living with Gratitude and Generosity "
458 Internal Sources of Inspiration
459 Filling Up With Beauty
460 Letting the Creative Flow Carry You
461 Anticipating/Generating Options
Audio April Guided Meditation
..." Saying Yes to Being A Light in the World"
462 What We Don't See
463 Season for the Earth
464 An Earth Meditation
465 Letting Synchronicity Choose This Week’s Experiment
466 Doing One Small Thing
Audio May Guided Meditation
..."Saying Yes to Compassion"
467 What We Add to Our Collective Environment
468 Moving Through Unexpected Developments
469 Receiving
Audio June Guided Meditation
..."Saying Yes to Radiating Love"
470 Going with the Flow By Not Adding Fuel to the Fire
471 Generating Support from the Inside Out
472 Choosing
Audio July Guided Meditation
..."Saying Yes to our Wholeness, saying Yes to the Wholeness in others"
473 Inviting the Brain to See the Whole Picture
474 Wholeness in the Presence of Injury
475 Playing with Adapting
Audio August Guided Meditation
..."Saying Yes to Serving Others"
476 More Adapting and Lovingkindness
477 Being Here and There
Audio September Guided Meditation
..."Saying Yes to Loving Yourself"
478 Taking Time to Connect
479 Tracking the Stories We Tell Ourselves
480 Tracking Your Tone
481 Mothering Presence and Tenderness
Audio October Guided Meditation
Saying Yes to Loving Others
482 Every Moment Offers A Choice
483 Accessing New Body States
484 Courage and Dancing with Fear
485 What’s Wrong Or What’s Right…
Audio November Guided Meditation
Saying Yes to Your Own Deepening Wisdom
486 Grateful
487 Ever-Unfolding Opportunities
488 The Metaphor of Discontinuities
Audio December Guided Meditation
Saying Yes to Wholeness
489 Taking A Moment to Breathe and Reflect
490 Smiling in Your Body
491 Paying Attention to What We Are Paying Attention To…
492 Focusing on Experiences of Support

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