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The themes of personal responsibility and choice are central to my experience of day-to-day life and have become more important to me over the years I have practiced mindfulness meditation approaches.  Knowing that each moment offers a choice, I have created a practice for myself which centers on choosing how to respond to events and feelings.

As with all experiments, bring curiosity along as your companion, and allow it to expand your awareness of sources of support around you.

2010 Weekly Practices

Monthly Audio Meditation
What Does Love Have To Show, Teach or Give Me Today?
376 Overcoming Limitations
377 The Spirit of Home
378 Outgrowing Limiting Responses, Expanding Perspectives
379 Revisiting Non-Violent, Possibility-Based Language
380 Listening to Silence
381 More "Lemons into Lemonade"
382 Noticing Nature's Intelligence
383 Nurturing Friendships
384 Synchronicity Visited and Revisited
385 Gathering Inspiring Stories

Information Fields and Well-Being

387 "Painting Your Teeth" and Grounding Yourself
388 Celebrating Difference and Diversity
389 Enjoying Your Senses
390 Taking the Time to Reach Out
391 Questions for Life
392 Listening and Responding
393 Culture Clashes and Judgment
394 Watering the Garden of Your Life
395 Intention for Healing
396 Returning, Returning, Returning
397 Intention As Your Rudder
398 Being A Radio
399 Making Friends with Stillness and Silence
400 The Gift of "No Struggle"
401 Enough to Go Around
402 Seeing the World with Fresh Eyes
403 Engaging Life with Vitality
404 Lemons to Lemonade
405 A Return to Kindness
406 Continuing with Kindness
407 The Best Laid Plans
408 Time for Play
409 Noticing Oneness
410 Taking Time to Experience Individual and Collective Presence



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