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The themes of personal responsibility and choice are central to my experience of day-to-day life and have become more important to me over the years I have practiced mindfulness meditation approaches.  Knowing that each moment offers a choice, I have created a practice for myself which centers on choosing how to respond to events and feelings.

As with all experiments, bring curiosity along as your companion, and allow it to expand your awareness of sources of support around you.

2009 Weekly Practices

  Monthly Audio Meditations
Living with Intention
334 Breathing In, Breathing Out
335 Being Matters
336 Multitasking and Mindfulness
  February Audio Mediation
337 Coping with Fear
338 Slipping on Ice
339 Living With Intention
340 Your Optimal Future Self
341 Internal Self-Talk as Self-Hypnosis
342 Playing with Surprises
343 Death's Lessons
344 Courting Enthusiasm
345 Wise Mind
346 The Problem with Preconceptions and Prejudgments

The Beauty of Self-Confidence

348 The Gift of Time
349 More About Preconceptions and Adaptability
350 A Point of View
351 Back to What's Going Right
352 The Continuing Gift of Kindness
353 Receiving and Allowing Gifts of Support
354 Fields within Fields within Fields
355 More about Fields
356 Attuning to Inspiration – More About Fields 

Asking for Help – More About Fields

358 Gratitude Revisited
359 Finding Positive Stories
360 Noticing Synchronicities
361 Watching Intentions Manifest
362 Appreciating Nature
363 Shifting Into A Positive Flow
364 Thriving in the Presence of Challenges
365 Thinking Too Small
366 More: Saying Yes to A Life Beyond Your Imagining
367 Flowing with Stress
368 The Gifts of Kindness
369 Back to Solution-Focused Thinking
370 When Bad Things Happen
371 Making Lemonade from Lemons
372 Holiday Times
373 Living with Enthusiasm



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