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The Practice of Meditation

...and Other Journeys ...What follows are written guided meditations that you can print for your own use.  They include a number of approaches I've found useful over the years.  I hope they will support your journey in enlightening and practical ways...Nancy

(For more information on ways to recenter and ground yourself, see my books Getting Through the Day and Sacred Practices for Conscious Living.)

Walking Meditation
Even though meditation practices offer us a way to recenter and settle into a focused, quiet state of mind and body, for some people the process of doing a sitting meditation creates anxiety. The following meditation offers you a way to go inside and feel grounded at the same time. Rather than sitting and experiencing the quiet, this is a walking meditation. It is a variation on a popular and often-used meditation practice found in a number of traditions.

Breathing Meditation
This breathing exercise is good as part of an overall stress reduction program. If you live a hectic life and find that you need to de-stress, spending a few minutes doing this exercise will offer your body and mind a brief "time out" that can be surprisingly rejuvenating and refreshing.

Your Optimal Future Selfl
Variations of this meditation are found in each of my books, and it's one of my favorite approaches to accessing possibility. All it requires is a willingness to suspend disbelief, reach beyond what you know today, and accept change in your life. For most of us, change can be scary, even when it moves in a positive direction, so a willingness to dare to engage the unknown is key to working with future self parts of you.

Living with Intention Exercise/Meditation
Intention creates the frame around which we engage in any particular activity, state of mind, outcome, or way of being. It is like a rudder, in that it provides an inner sense of direction. It is a communication to our deepest wisdom about what we seek to be and achieve.

Living in the Flow
In this meditation, we'll explore how that rudder also aligns us with a particular flow that moves us in directions we seek to go.

Lovingkindness Meditation
Excerpts from "Sacred Practices for Conscious Living" about Lovingkindness followed by a Meditation from one of Nancy Napier's Workshops.

Using Mindfulness for Recentering Meditation
Excerpts from "Getting Through the Day" followed by a Meditation: Using Mindfulness for

A Derivation of Tonglen Meditation
I originally sent the following derivation of a tonglen meditation to friends in response to the Middle East situation. Here, I’d like to post it as an option for you to consider whenever you become aware of any kind of pain or difficulty – in your life or in the lives of those around you.

An Expanded Derivation of Tonglen Meditation for World and Self Healing





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