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Working With Parts and the Interpersonal Field:
A Body-Based Approach

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This audio recording is from a workshop offered by Nancy Napier for psychotherapists and other practitioners interested in approaches to trauma resolution that include a body-based perspective.

It can be particularly challenging to work with clients when they are unaware of being swept upby trauma energy. This workshop provides practitioners with additional skills and a greater level of ease in working with parts, the interpersonal field, and their own counter-transference responses. “Parts work” involves accessing unresolved developmental andtraumatic experiences, which express as blocked energy and habitual patterns of activationand constriction.

Some ego states represent early childhood trauma, while others emerge in later developmental stages. Many represent unprocessed trauma energy. “Parts”, include ego states, sub-personalities, imagined companions, dissociated “self-states” as well as non-trauma-based resource states such as the optimal future self.

In this workshop, Nancy also focuses on theinterpersonal field created between client and practitioner, and explores opportunities thatarise to track trauma responses that spontaneously emerge within relational and transferencedynamics. Corrective experiences are enhanced when brought into sensory awareness in vivo.

Particular attention is brought to the capacity of practitioners to self-regulate and track their counter-transference responses, which enhances the containment and healing potential within the interpersonal field.

Nancy also describes coupling dynamics, in which elements of experience become either entangled or dissociated in ways that prevent clients from moving beyond their traumatic experience.



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